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Welcome to Mediaphotobooth | The Place to Rent or Buy a Photobooth

Rent or Buy a Photobooth. When you enter our booth, we leave all the creativity to you. Our complete photobooth system allows you and your guest to create a fun memorable experience. Either you want to rent a Mediaphotobooth to spice up your event or you want to buy our complete system to start your business, our professional team is ready to help you. Call us today at 3108825510!

About Us

Mediaphotobooth is CPES Media Inc. company headquartered in Santa Monica, California. CPES Media Inc. has been a major player in the entertainment marketing field for over 10 years. Mediaphotobooth is about providing a fun, memorable, and enjoyable experience to your guest. From the smallest house party to the biggest mega wedding, we can provide a photobooth that is sure to spice up your event. We also sell complete photobooth systems to would be entrepreneurs while offering photobooth consulting services. Our patent pending photobooths comes equipped with the latest industry standard equipments and proprietary software. Click below to shop. 


We service all types of Events

$999 Down and Financing Available for the Rest. Our photobooths are equipped with top of the line equipment to ensure you create a successful business.

  • High Resolution Canon Digital, SLR cameras
  • Touchscreen with Live View
  • Fast DYE SUB printers
  • Compact computers
  • Flat panel HD monitors for Slideshow

  • Custom designed and built enclosure
  • And many more optional equipments like projectors, HD video, etc

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Light-Up The Party

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For a fun memorable event that your guest will have a high quality printout to prove it, click here to rent one today


Start Your Photobooth Business

Starting your own business and looking to buy our top of the line complete system. Buy a Photobooth from us! 


The Photo Booth

Watch Video of Our Production Process

Our booth is stylishly compact and takes about an average of 10 minutes to setup at any event. Our Booth is portable, lightweight and can be placed in the back of a standard car, mini-van or SUV. It is great for Weddings, corporate events, bar/batmitzvahs. proms. parties and more. Our patent pending design allows you to hang a flat panel monitor on the side or a projector or any other device. Our Photobooth are built with Road Case material which includes a flash system, camera, all in one computer touch screen and sub dye printer.

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